Teilabbildung eines Rohrkettenförderers
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Tube chain conveyor upright (narrow)

Technical construction

Constructional data

Theoretical transport capacity at 80 % filling level

Structure tube chain conveyor modular construction system

  1. driving unit:
    with shaft-mounted geared motor,
    gear motor with chain drive
    (other designs upon request)
  2. tensioning unit:
    gravity tension
    spring tension
    chain tension via pneumatic cylinder
  3. conveying pipes with flange connection:
    according to DIN
    seamless or seam heat sealed
    pipe bend, ovality up to 2 %
  4. inlet:
  5. conveyor chain:
    special round link chain,
    normal steel 21 MnS,
    stainless steels such as 1.4404 or 1.4461 (Duplex)
  6. housing:
    normal steel (S235JRG2),
    stainless steels such as 1.4301 or 1.4571,
    heat-resistant steels like 16Mo3, 
    wear-protected design
    by HVOF process coating
    or lined with basalt, 
    material selection dependent on intended use.
  7. carrier:
    Extract materials or stainless steel for use depending
    MS 97 (plastics)
    MS 404 (coated metal disc, surface hardness
    = approx. 750 HV)
    Special cast discs
    MS 150 (plastics)
    MS 9395 (food grade)
    MS 340 (high-performance plastics, temperature-resistant up to 160 °C)
  8. monitoring:
    Motor load monitor, speed monitor,
    Torque monitoring
    Tension path monitoring via proximity switch
    Return path monitoring via proximity switch
    Fill level monitoring


  • dust- and/or product-tight
  • easy to maintain
  • without tensioning unit
  • low feed height
  • space-saving
  • sealed against over-/underpressure
  • low drive power requirement
  • redirection pipe bend or corner station