Products – Our conveying systems and accessories

We find the optimal conveying solution for your company.

SCHRAGE GmbH Plant Engineering designs, constructs and mounts tube chain conveyors, trough chain, screw, bucket and belt conveyors in 18 different basic configurations.

If you want to convey bulk materials you have to consider many aspects. Bulk material, transport distance, needed conveying performance, operating conditions, power consumption, assembly costs or legal regulations as well as industrial environmental protection are just a few of them.

In order to find the optimum conveying technique for your company, impartial consulting is therefore essential. We can offer you exactly this, because with five different mechanical conveying techniques (divided into 18 sections) in our portfolio we can choose from a wide range of conveying installations. Contrary to specialized suppliers, who are bound to advertise one conveying technique as best solution, we can flexibly take into account your preferences, operational conditions and individual requirements in order to find really the best solution.