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Trough chain conveyors


Tensioning unit of a trough chain conveyor

Tensioning unit of a trough chain conveyor


Main dimensions

TKF 630, 800, 1000, and 1200 also available, size in accordance with intended use.

Theoretical capacity

with bulk height in trough at 200 mm


  • Driving unit
    with shaft-mounted geared motor or geared motor with chain drive
  • Tensioning unit
    gravity or spring tension
  • Conveyor trough
    made of chamfered metal plate, removable cover with inspection opening
  • Conveyor chain
    Single or multistrand, dependent on size
  • Monitoring
    motor load monitor, speed sensor, torque monitoring, tension path monitoring, etc.


  • dustproof and product sealed
  • waterproof
  • gastight
  • design in accordance with Atex
    (dust explosion classes)
  • External / Inside bearings
  • drop-forged conveyor chain
  • sprockets with replaceable segments
  • wear rails
  • special constructions